How To Connect WooCommerce with eSwap?


  • Go to Apps->WooCommerce.
  • Name your channel to use in eSwap. e.g. ‘woocommerce UK’.
  • Go to your WooCommerce Store → Settings →Api
  • Click on Keys/Apps and after Add Key button
  • Give a short description change permission as you want and click on Generate Api Key button.
  • Here you can see details that you need to integrate your WooCommerce channel to eSwap.
  • After connecting click on Settings and add your currencies, tax types, payment methods and payment terms for your WooCommerce channel.
  • Every 10 minutes, new orders will be download from WooCommerce to eSwap with customers data.
  • Every 60 minutes, eSwap checks for new listings in WooCommerce to be downloaded and synced.
  • Choose a default currency,terms,payments,etc. for you channel. eSwap will convert any orders for this store.
  • If your credentials are correct your channel will successfully be integrated and all products will be synced to eSwap.