Free Listing Price Calculator for Amazon and eBay

What is Free Listing Price Calculator?

When you start selling on Amazon and eBay, you should calculate a price for listing an item. It may seem a bit difficult as you don’t know your final listing price.

The final listing price is the base for calculating PayPal fees or eBay final selling fees. We don’t let you in that situation our final listing price calculator is created to help you. You just need to provide all your fixed and variable costs and we calculate the price you want to generate the profit you want.

Just starting to sell on eBay and Amazon you cannot succeed immediately. Many sellers fail to generate the profit they want. Besides calculating the right listing price you should also

learn to optimize your listings, manage shipping costs and sell great products and improve their feedback score. Moreover, you should have good customer service and fast delivery.

Our Listing Price Calculator will work for any marketplace and calculate a profitable price for you as you need to provide the same data for all marketplaces.  

Here we will go over how to make a profit by correctly calculating the listing price on eBay and Amazon step by step.

This is another powerful free calculator of ours.


Let’s list all the necessary information to calculate it:

  1. The cost of the item (net of VAT)
  2. Fixed markup (if necessary)
  3. Percentage markup(if necessary)
  4. Cost of your postage and packaging
  5. The percentage charged by the marketplace as a final selling fee
  6. PayPal or other credit card percentage fees
  7. Fixed fees charged by the marketplace for transaction
  8. The VAT rate for an item

  • STEP 1: What is the cost of the item to you?

  • STEP 2: What fixed mark up would you like to add?

  • STEP 3: What percentage mark up would you like to add?

  • STEP 4: What is the cost of Postage and Packaging related to the item?

  • STEP 5: What is the % commission charged by the marketplace for this category?

  • STEP 6: What additional percentage fees will be due - PayPal, Credit Card etc.

  • STEP 7: What fixed fees are charged by the marketplace AND payment processor per transaction?

  • STEP 8: What is the VAT rate for this item?

  • Your percentage mark up:

  • Your fixed mark up:

  • Your total mark up (profit):

  • The final listing price to generate the profit you want:

  • To help explain things a little : The BASE Price of your item (STEP 1 + STEP 2 + STEP 3 + STEP 4) is:

  • & here is the value of the top line of our formula:

  • & here is the value of the bottom line of our formula: