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View total sales, profit, and returns broken down by different channels, top-selling products, purchase orders, low and out-of-stock products–all on one screen in eSwap free business analytics and reporting software. 


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Detailed Inventory Reports

eSwap allows you to view your inventory value on each location, incoming stock, stock transfers between warehouses, and learn how many stocks you have on hand, which will help you to understand, analyze and optimize your business.
  • Inventory stock on hand
  • Inventory history details
  • Report by location
  • Stock movement report
inventory reports

Detailed Sales reports

Run detailed sales reports by sales channel, product brand, customers, price lists categories, order status, or specific team members. View gross and net sales, profit margin, and export to a spreadsheet.
  • Sales History
  • Sales by time period
  • Sales by product or customer
  • Invoice history
Sales reports

Detailed purchases reports

View inventory reports of the purchases you have recorded and managed in eSwap. Getting accurate insights allows you to plan your restocking strategies with high efficiency.
  • PO history
  • PO by vendor or product
  • Reorder report
purchase report

Detailed return reports

Drill down into this report to see accurate information on all returns for each warehouse.
  • Return history
  • Return by product
  • Return by customer
  • Return by country
return report

Send report copy or Pin reports

  • You can send a report copy to any email address by setting up an email delivery schedule with this feature.
  • Create and save a report with your preferred settings. Find your favorite reports on the Reports dashboard.
  • Pin a report to your eCommerce reporting dashboard not to scroll down tons of reports every time you need it.

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