Multi-warehouse and locations

Manage multiple warehouses from our platform with a multi-location selling option.

  • Add, manage multiple warehouses, locations
  • Auto creation of individual warehouses per sales channels
  • Combine few sales channels inventory in one warehouse
  • Stock transfers between warehouses with tracking history
  • Order fulfillment from specific warehouses
  • Make purchase orders and receive stock into specific warehouses
  • Real-time location reports
  • Create and manage multiple FBA warehouse
Inventory management software

Location-based inventory management

Save your time by reducing manual operations. Our warehouse inventory management software allowing to track and manage all inventory movements within your supply chain and warehouses like picking, packing, shipping, receiving new stock and etc.

  • Receive or sell products from default warehouses or locations
  • Import, export all your products information
  • Bulk import orders from different platforms
  • Out-of-stock or low-stock information
  • Return management

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