Sync inventory across multiple warehouses

When you have more than one warehouse, it’s a bit challenging to manage all your products efficiently. 
  • Transfer products from one warehouse to another
  • Automate your daily processes
  • Get real-time inventory update while managing multiple warehouses

Notifications about stock levels

  • Inventory shortage causes supply chain inefficiencies and lost sales.
  • Avoid Out-of-stocking cases
  • For efficient stock management, turn on notifications: set an alert for when an available stock quantity drops below a certain level.
  • Automatically create a Purchase order when a particular stock level reaches the limited level.

Import, export feature for whole your inventory to CSV

  • Use the Import/Export via CSV files instead of adding catalog entries manually.
  • Get a product inventory control sheet with a large amount of data in bulk
export & import

Product bundling

  • A product bundling strategy is an effective way to double your profit.
  • If done acuratally, it will also make your inventory move faster.
  • With the Product Bundling feature, you can put related products together and offer a discount for the entire package at a click of a button!

Inventory update directly from eSwap

  • You can now add products directly in eSwap and sync them on the other integrated sales channels automatically.
  • Moreover, in case of a minor change in product inventory or prices eSwap stock control system will make a real-time update.
  • Stock count will be updated based on sales
product bund

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