Product management

One-screen for your all inventory

With our new and easy design you can see all your inventory in one screen. This allows:

  • Easy per channel filtering
  • Using custom tags to sort your products
  • Fast view of your inventory per warehouse
  • View all stock of all warehouses for each item
  • Import, export feature for whole your inventory to CSV
  • Adding new inventory directly from eSwap and sync to connected channels


Multi-variant products inventory management

Our modern inventory management software allowing to control your product variant’s stock completely like separate products. That allows:

  • To have separate variants stock in warehouses
  • Sell variants individually and get reports per variants of product
  • Create purchase order to get new stock of some product variants
  • Have different dimensions for valiants for making correct shipping estimations and shippings
  • Different pricing for variants per pricelists
Warehouse management software

Archive for your inventory

In eSwap we have a separate archive to make your inventory management for seasonal products easier. You can archive any product by keeping all related information about prices, inventory, images and etc and then again un-archive the product when you need it. When you move some products into archive it is being unlisted from connected channels so that you will not get any more sales for that item. And when you again un-archive the product it is again being listed in the channels with their all information and stock. For fast usage we have a bulk archive, un-archive features developed.

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