Free Amazon FBA Calculator

What is Amazon FBA calculator?

Amazon FBA stands for Fulfillment by Amazon.

This service allows you to store your items at different warehouses of Amazon. In case of any received order Amazon will itself handle all the processes of picking and packing, shipping and returning just instead of you. In spite of many benefits of Amazon FBA, its fulfillment costs are high.


Amazon seller fee consists of referral fees and variable closing fees.

The referral fee is charged directly for selling on Amazon and varies for different categories. It is calculated as a percentage of sale price (between 8-15%), a minimum dollar amount (almost 1$).

The variable closing fee refers only to books, music, videos, DVDs, consoles, video games, and software. For sellers selling fewer than 40 items per month, there is also a special Amazon individual fee

Besides these fees, there are also long-term storage fees, return fees, item removal order fees that are applied only in specific circumstances. 

No matter if you don’t use FBA.

You can use this FBA fee calculator for free to compare FBA fees with your own fulfillment fees.

Moreover, you can use the  Amazon FBA fee calculator when you are researching new products to sell. Due to this tool, you can understand your net profit and of your items and provide FBA fee estimates per unit of that certain item.

It is an extremely good way to understand the margin impacts if you are raising or lowering the sale price or production cost of an item. 

Amazon FBA calculator is a useful way to calculate the fees of the fulfillment process and understand whether to use FBA or not.

Amazon FBA Fee Calculator allows sellers to find out how much Amazon will charge you for each stocked item in fulfillment center via FBA.

You just need to provide the weight and dimension of your items and we will calculate for you.

  • STEP 1: How heavy is your item (including packaging)?

  • STEP 2: What sort of package is it?

  • Fulfilling this item sold on Amazon using Domestic FBA to a UK buyer from a UK Fulfilment Centre is:

  • Small Letter ( < £9 value) fulfilment costs:

  • Large Letter ( < £9 value) fulfilment costs:

  • Small envelope fulfilment costs:

  • Standard envelope fulfilment costs:

  • Large envelope fulfilment costs:

  • Standard Parcel fulfilment costs: