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What is Value Added Tax (VAT) ?


VAT stands for Value Added Tax. It’s a kind of indirect tax for goods and services, generally during any stage of the supply chain that adds value to a product. 

It means not only the end consumer but also all participants of the supply chain have to pay VAT

VAT is considered one of the most used consumption tax. The U.S. is the only country that doesn’t charge VAT. While more than 170 countries in the world legally use VAT rates.

VAT is mostly used by governments as a source of revenue.  

Although the essence of Value Added Tax is the same for all countries, however, there are many differences in their implementation. Differences are based on types of goods and services, imports or exports and local rules of payments and penalties. 

If you are selling in EU countries, you will be charged the special local level of VAT in cases you have exceeded the distance Selling Threshold or you’re fulfilling in that country. 

VAT can be simply calculated as the sales price minus costs of materials and parts that have been already taxed. The simplest way to calculate it is an online VAT calculator.

eSwap’s VAT free calculator will help you to do value-added tax calculations accurately. 

You just need to provide information on whether you are going to calculate the Gross Value from the Net value or the vice versa, enter the value of your item, choose the VAT rate and we will calculate it for you.

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