Workflow Automation

eSwap offers a great automation feature to automate different workflows connected with sale order creation and updates at the moment.

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automated workflow
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Automated Workflow

Workflow automation is implemented with a simple 3 step process including a trigger, a condition, and an action to perform all the regular tasks automatically after an event. 
  • Automate order management-related repetitive tasks
  • Eliminate human intervention
  • Make your work easier and time saver
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Order Routing

Managing sales across multiple warehouses is a tough task for any retailer. eSwap's order routing feature enables you to route orders to correct warehouse locations. Fulfill an order with high efficiency and accuracy.
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    Signature Confirmation to High-Value Orders

    Signature Confirmation is a great way to automatically add tags to high-value orders and notify about order fulfilment status. Set the "IF" condition, the first "THEN" action (the second "THEN" if needed) and save your new rule for future order fulfilment. See workflow automation examples in the screenshot.

      Benefits of workflow automation

      • Streamlined and automated business processes
      • Reduced number of errors and reworks
      • Accuracy, consistency and security in daily activities
      automated workflow

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