Free Amazon Fee & Profit Calculator

What is Amazon Fee and Profit Fee Calculator?


As we realize the necessity of accurately calculating Amazon fees, we present our free Amazon calculator below. 

Amazon Fee and Profit Calculator enable you to generate the listing price to make the profit you want from Amazon. Due to it, you can increase your business profitability. 

Our Amazon Fee and Profit Free Calculator calculate profitable Amazon listing prices according to your requirements. It is based on different referral percentage fees that Amazon charges. 


Let’s list all the necessary information to calculate it:


  1. Enter the cost of the item (net of VAT)
  2. Add the fixed markup (maybe you want to add a fixed amount of profit)
  3. Besides the fixed markup you can also add percentage markup(if necessary)
  4. Cost of your postage and packaging(Amazon FBA or 1st class). Try our Royal Mail UK Domestic Calculator and FBA calculators too.
  5. Add the category type of your listing
  6. Enter any additional fee
  7. Don’t forget to add any per-transaction fee (for example, 3rd party fulfillment fee)
  8. Enter fixed fees charged by the marketplace for transaction
  9. Be attentive to add VAT rate for an item
  10. Finally, tick the box if you are required to pay Amazon Closing Fee
  • STEP 1: What is the cost of the item to you?

  • STEP 2: What fixed mark up would you like to add?

  • STEP 3: What percentage mark up would you like to add?

  • STEP 4: What is the cost of Postage and Packaging related to the item?

  • STEP 5: What Amazon UK category are you listing in?

  • STEP 6: What additional percentage fees will be due - PayPal, Credit Card etc.

  • STEP 7:What fixed fees are charged by any other services? (please note we calculate the Amazon Closing Fee, if applicabe, separately)

  • STEP 8: What is the VAT rate for this item?

  • STEP 9: Will you be charged an Amazon Closing Fee (50p in certain categories)?

  • Your Amazon UK referral fee based on Category (%)::

  • Your Amazon UK Closing Fee (£):

  • Your Amazon UK Closing Fee (Step 9) plus other fixed fees (Step 7) (£):

  • Your percentage mark up:

  • Your fixed mark up:

  • Your total mark up (profit):

  • The final listing price to generate the profit you want:

  • The Amazon element of your fees (Closing Fee + Selling Fee):

  • To help explain things a little : The BASE Price of your item (STEP 1 + STEP 2 + STEP 3 + STEP 4) is:

  • & here is the value of the top line of our formula:

  • & here is the value of the bottom line of our formula: