Free eBay Insertion Fees Calculator

What is insertion fee on eBay?

eBay requires fees for creating a listing for every item you want to add. eBay listing fees vary depending on your eBay subscription and listing options.

If you already have an eBay store, every month you will get more listings for free (zero insertion fee listings) than non-subscribers. After you have used these free listings, you will be charged for each additional listing. 


eBay Insertion Fees are the following:

  1. Non-repayable, in case you don’t sell the items
  2. Charged per listing and per category, if you add your item in different categories at the same time you will be charged for each one.
  3. Charged for the original listing
  4. Charged per listing for each duplicate auction-style listing for identical items
  5. Charged once per listing with variations

If you haven’t spent your free listings in a given month, you won’t be charged for the next insertions. But, of course, you have to pay a final selling fee for each sold item.

You will be also charged if you use advanced options, for example, buy and print shipping labels on eBay.


There are several important points to take into consideration:

  1. Private sellers get listings for free on eBay of the county you have registered. 
  2. You can have only up to 12 free pictures in one free listing
  3. On eBay several categories are out of getting free listings such as motor categories, business, and industrial categories.
  4. Free listings on eBay are available only in the following categories of auction-style listings: antiques, art, clothing, shoes and accessories, coins and paper money, collectibles, dolls and bears, entertainment memorabilia, health and beauty, jewelry and watches, pottery and glass, sports memorabilia, fan and sports cards, stamps, toys, and hobbies.

Use our Free eBay insertion fees calculator to know the exact costs for your insertions.

You just need to provide some information about what sort of shop you have, how many listings you own, as well as several other additional options and we will calculate the right fees for your listings on eBay.


  • STEP 1: What sort of eBay store do you have?

  • STEP 2: What optional extra listing upgrades do you want to use?

  • STEP 3: Gallery Plus price check

  • STEP 4: Number of eBay Listings

  • Number of listings above eBay store allowance

  • Cost per extra listing item before optional extras (£)

  • Total optional extra costs (£)

  • Cost of listing items including optional extras (£)

  • Your fixed monthly costs (£)