Free eBay Final value Fee Calculator

What is the final value fee on eBay?

Besides eBay listing fee, eBay also charges a final value fee (eBay final selling fees). It is charged when an item is getting sold. The fee calculation is based on the percentage of the total amount the buyer pays. Do remember the calculation includes any shipping and handling charges, but not sales tax.

The final selling fees depend on where a certain item is listed. Generally, you will be charged 11% for sale, however, several categories or subcategories will be charged lower, for example, Baby-9% and DIY 5%.

Considering the cases of not getting paid, eBay offers to get final value fees credit.


eBay final selling fee credit includes the cases:

  1. There is a mutual agreement for canceling the transaction
  2. You report on the unpaid item as you haven’t been paid
  3. There is a returned or missing item
  4. You have been voluntarily refunded a buyer during a payment dispute


eBay final selling fee credit excludes the cases:

  1. You refund a buyer outside of eBay
  2. You refund a buyer partially
  3. The case was resolved in favor of your buyer

After receiving the credit, you will be able to check it in your seller account. You can use the credit for your future fees or you can request a refund if you have a credit balance and eBay will send you the money.

You may want to know how to avoid eBay final value fee. The only way to avoid the final value fee on eBay is to sell NOTHING

You can use our eBay final selling fees calculator for free to find out how much eBay final selling fee you should pay when you sell a certain item. 

All you need is to provide the selling price and the category and we will calculate for you.

  • Step 1: Choose your Main eBay category
  • Step 2: Choose the eBay sub category if required

    Certain eBay categories have different selling fees depending on the sub category. If you have chosen one of the main categories listed below, please tick the box if you are selling in any of the sub categories listed.

  • Cameras & Photography

  • Computers, Tablets

  • Vehicle Parts & Accessories

  • Home, Furniture & DIY

  • Health & Beauty

  • Jewellery & Watches

  • Mobile Phones & Communication

  • Sound & Vision

  • Video Games & Consoles

  • Step 3: What is the final price of item (Price + Taxes + Postage)

  • Final eBay Selling Fee multiplier

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