Royal Mail UK Domestic Standard Post Calculator

What is Royal Mail UK Domestic Standard Post Calculator?


Royal Mail is considered one of the powerful postal service and courier companies. Royal mail has many different services including mail collection and delivery services.

It has more than 11,500 branches across the UK and makes deliveries every day except Sundays and bank holidays. It is mostly focused on 1st class(next-day) deliveries. However, it also has 2nd class delivery that is the delivery is made between the second or third day throughout the nation.

Besides the main services it also offers collection opportunities in cases, the customer cannot or has no time to go to a post office. It is an additional charged service starting from 14.58 per collection.


The price for sending letters and parcels within the UK is based on the size and weight of your item, the time you want your item to arrive and whether you want to track your item or get confirmation of delivery. This service is the best way to send items to the Highlands and Islands, Scilly Isles and The Isle of Man.

The price for overseas services is based on the size and weight of your item, the destination country and whether you want to track your item or get confirmation of delivery. This service is the best way to send items outside the UK including the Channel Islands.


Our Royal Mail UK Domestic Standard Post Calculator will help you to simply calculate the costs of 1st and 2nd Class Domestic Standard Services. 

You just need to provide information such as the weight of your item, type of it and whether you want to send it the 1st or 2nd class mail.

  • Step 1: How heavy is your item (less than or equal to):

  • Step 2: What sort of item is it?

  • Step 3: How do you want to send your item?

Please note that our calculator is provided "as is", and you should always check prices before making a final decision. We have based our prices on the UK Standard Royal Mail rate, other rates and options are available. You can visit the Royal Mail Site here. If the cost of sending your item is shown as 999 999.99 then you have chosen a weight that is not allowed for the sort of item.
  • The cost of sending your item is:



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