Why are reviews on Amazon important for the sellers

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Online shopping, of course, has not created the options of physical interaction with desired items yet. So product reviews are the kind of proof people can rely on. Like on any other e-commerce sales channel, reviews on Amazon are ways to engage customers. Besides, Amazon has always realized the importance of the customer satisfaction level. Correctly written reviews give a detailed understanding of a product. According to several research pieces, it has turned out that a significant percentage of online customers (about 90 %) made their decisions based on reviews. So it is evident for those sellers who are newcomers on Amazon to pay significant attention to getting positive reviews. We will help you understand why are reviews on Amazon important, mainly through the points of: 

reviews on Amazon


  • Amazon rating and review in general 
  • the importance of Amazon reviews for sellers 
  • how to get reviews on Amazon 
  • How to check Amazon feedback


Reviews on Amazon


What are the types of reviews on Amazon?


BusinessInsider claims: 66% of online shoppers begin their product searches on Amazon. As for the types of reviews, there can be two; Product Reviews and Seller Feedback. Each of them affects the selling process. 

Product Reviews shows how many customers have bought a particular item and their experience regarding it. 

Seller Feedback shows how many customers have purchased from a specific seller and their experience regarding him/her.  


How reviews on Amazon affect the sales process? 


As already mentioned, reviews can impact on the sales process in different ways. Some main consequences are the following:


  • Listing Rank Improvement
  • Unsure Buyers Encouragement
  • Social Proof


Listing Rank Improvement 


In case of the higher amount or 5-star reviews than on competitors pages, search engines will give you a higher position. Thus your ranking gets improved, providing better seller experience and conversion rates. 


Buyers Encouragement


With the presence of reviews, buyers get more confident about you and your store. Less than 10% dare to make a purchase or become the first to leave a review. So no matter you have efficient listings or not that much, reviews should also be present for buyer encouragement. 


Social Proof 


As mentioned, buyers come to the final stage of their decision-making process after they see product-related experience. As part of word-of-mouth marketing, both Product Review and Seller Feedback elements are powerful mechanisms on e-commerce. 


Why are Amazon reviews important?


Let us view the top 10 reasons for Amazon review importance. 


Reliability and Protection of Amazon Reviews 


Initially and up to now, Amazon has run a strict policy towards safeguarding its reviews’ trustworthiness. Product reviews and account rating also affect Amazon algorithm, which chooses products as search results. Due to the protected system of Amazon, reviews are always reliable. And even if somehow a seller gets fake (paid) reviews, he will soon be banned by the platform. This is already a point to consider the importance of Amazon reviews. 


Buyers’ love and trust 


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We have already mentioned several times that when shopping online people cannot thoroughly examine the items. Everything they have is product descriptions and reviews. Sellers write product descriptions (people do not consider them objective). So reviews are where buyers find trust and sellers get customers’ love. Sometimes there are even many funny Amazon reviews to read.


High rankings


Let’s mention once more – reviews have an impact on rating and ranking. Higher reviews you get, better your rating, ranking and sales become. If we analyze Amazon’s example of electronics, we’ll see that almost 65% of sales are based on reviews simply because people search for items and find suitable ones through the rating. 


Market Insights 


There are several special research tools for Amazon review analysis that can help analyze reviews of different products. This is a reflection of Amazon customer thoughts and desires. This analysis allows sellers to realize demands. Thus you’ll be able to see what specific customers want, as well as strong and weak points of any product you’d like to add. From the market point of view, this provides you with more accurate information about items and competitors. 


Different types of feedback


And one final note: do not be afraid of some not positive feedback. If you’d like to create a totally positive image with reviews, you can simply get the contrary effect. People will consider something is wrong with the page, at least they can come to the idea that your reviews are fake. So, try to keep a couple of negative reviews (of course not too much) apart from hundreds of positive ones. 


Amazon Buy Box Win 


Every Amazon seller wishes to win Amazon Buy Box. And it’s not a secret that this Amazon program is based on reviews and feedback. Here customer experience should be in the first place, and the seller should ensure the highest customer satisfaction level. Give your customer the best service and try to make your buyer give you positive feedback. It will eliminate your ranking and ROI. 


Marketing Tool 


You, as a seller, work on different types of content. But believe us, a positive and healthy review is much more valuable than anything else. The reviews’ influence can be short-term and, more importantly, long-term and this works as a perfect marketing tool. 


Higher conversion rates 


Due to reviews of Amazon, the visitors to your store start to trust you and your store. It, undoubtedly, increase the sales on Amazon and consequently you get higher conversion rates. 




Amazon works with the help of a unique algorithm which calculates how popular a product is. If you get positive reviews, the algorithm considers you more trustworthy than your competitors. And consequently, the reason for your low rank can be negative reviews. 


Customer engagement


When your store visitors see social activities within the page, they realize that the page is alive. The more customers become engaged, the more feedback you can get. Your reputation thus becomes improved.