How to Connect your Bonanza to eSwap

To connect Bonanza to eSwap go to Available Apps  -> Sales Channels, find Bonanza in the list, click on Bonanza icon -> Install App. Give a name to your shop – this name you’ll see in eSwap.


You’ll be redirected to the login page where you need to Sign in to your account for passing authentication. After clicking on login you’ll be redirected to the Sign up success page where Bonanza informs you that you have successfully given permission to eSwap Global Inc. to modify your booth & items on your behalf.


Click on the button Return to eSwap Global Inc. 



You’ll be redirected to eSwap where you need to configure and map your Warehouses, Price Lists, and Orders with eSwap.
After passing all steps your products, orders, and customers will be synced with eSwap.
You can check integration progress on the progress bar which will be visible when importing has started and in Notifications section

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