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How eSwap works

eSwap synchronizes data from different platforms and merges it into one main platform.

Inventory Management

A comprehensive inventory management system is a business must-have to increase efficiency and productivity.
  • eSwap makes it a doddle to connect as many stores and warehouses as you need. Sell anywhere and keep real-time updated inventory levels across all channels
  • Avoid overselling by automating inventory management and minimising the costliest human errors
  • Streamline backend time-consuming inventory control operations as stock auditing, order fulfillment, shipping, accounting, etc.
  • Automate invoice and purchase order procedures with eSwap to boost control over purchasing

Order Management

Order management software to track your orders in depth. A detailed overview of order fulfilment processes such as picking, packing or shipping.
  • Don't make customers wait by fulfiling orders faster and easier from all your sales channels with eSwap's keen tools and seamless integrations
  • Tracking order management processes may be a burden when you’re launching a business with a small team. Managing your inventory and shipping from a single platform is what you need
  • Create successful wholesale orders and automatically keep your inventory updated in real-time
  • Paper lists can cause errors and be easily damaged during picking procedures. With eSwap's digital picking feature using scanners to improve efficiency and accuracy

Catalog Management

Poor catalog management leads to incorrect product results, high return rates and unhappy customers. We’ve already known how to create a professional product catalog, so you don’t have to worry.
  • Well-organized catalog management is the guarantee of your competitiveness and loyalty ensuring accessible products and customer-facing information
  • Easily bundle products for different marketing campaigns even not worrying about overselling. Create and manage product variants by colours and sizes
  • Personalize your product catalogs, add or edit descriptions and images to help your customers find & buy your products. Get ready for online selling

Shipping Management

Receive orders from multiple channels and manage them on a single dashboard. Find and compare shipping services with real-time rate information and decrease shipping costs by 35%. Seamless integrations with world-known carriers such as UPS, USPS, FedEx, etc.
  • Import all orders in eSwap and make single or bulk order shipments. Integrate third-party logistics and improve your shipping experience
  • Find the best shipping method according to package size & weight, delivery destination & date. Create and send shipping labels directly from eSwap
  • Automate your shipping workflow and manage repetitive tasks by creating shipping rules on orders and adding default attributes
  • Have full control over fulfilment by getting transparent order tracking details and providing real-time order status updates

Warehouse Management

Organize your warehouse in the most optimal way possible with eSwap. Connects your picking, packing and shipping processes in one cloud-based system.
  • Simply connect your warehouse to your sales channels and fulfil all the orders without even having to worry about out-of stocking and overselling
  • Hassle-free management of operations in multiple warehouses. Minimizing the time of order picking by getting accurate information on each of your warehouses
  • Automate and streamline the repetitive tasks in warehouses by activating the most optimal picking routes
  • Add products and product variants to easily create kits to fasten the order fulfilment process while managing multiple warehouses

More features

eSwap's B2B platform allows users to multiply business growth, work with big data streamline business processes and generate revenue.

  • Create a custom URL and run your own store, for example, store.business.com or www.business.com
  • Align your business design, promote special products, offer custom price lists & discounts for every buyer
  • Check shipping costs and make secure payments using Stripe
  • eSwap makes it easy to sell in bulk and make a profit
  • Check order status and repeat orders easier than ever

Improve your inventory management by getting insights into your stock movement with eSwap's Analytics & Reporting feature. Use accurate Demand Forecasting to increase revenue and avoid stockouts.

  • Detailed Inventory Reports
  • Detailed Sales reports
  • Detailed purchases reports
  • Detailed return reports

eSwap users are enabled to get the world's best:

  • Marketplace integrations like eBay, Etsy, Amazon, Walmart...
  • eCommerce integrations like Shopify, Odoo, WooCommerce...
  • Accounting integrations like Xero, Quickbooks
  • Shipping integrations like UPS, USPS, FedEx, DPD, RoyalMail
  • Marketing integrations like MailChimp
  • EDI integrations like Amazon Vendor Central
  • Payments integrations like Stripe, Square


We have integrated with the world's biggest eCommerce platforms, marketplaces, shipping carriers and accounting platforms

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