Create and Manage Bundles

To create a Bundle product in eSwap go to Inventory -> Products and click on the Add New button.

Here you need to fill in appropriate fields like title, SKU, price, qty and etc. On the right side, you can see the Bundle tab. Click on it.


Choose the product you want to add . Give a QTY, MAC(this input will be autofilled if your product has a Moving Average Cost) and choose the warehouse(from these warehouse we’ll reduce or increase the QTY). Add as many products as you need . Then we’ll automatically calculate available QTY for this bundle.


For example you have the following products in bundle.

  • T-shirt – Available quantity(20) – Quantity in bundle (5)
  • Jacket – Available quantity(40) – Quantity in bundle (7)
  • Shoes – Available quantity(15) – Quantity in bundle (2)

Available QTY for this bundle will be because after selling  4 times we’ll not have available stock for T-shirt and a Bundle will be Incomplete . 

Now click on Create Product button.




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