How To Connect Shopify

How To Connect Shopify with eSwap?


Go to Available Apps -> Sales Channels. Tap on Shopify and click on the Install App button.

Now you just need to enter some unique shop name(this uses in eSwap like a nickname to your shop) and your shop address, which is in your shop URL and click to “Install App” button.


You’ll be redirected to your Shopify store to approve eSwap -> Shopify connection.


Now you need to proceed with the next few steps to complete the installation.


Configure Shopify stock locations. Shopify has multiple locations functionality,  you can map your eSwap and Shopify locations. Here you need to choose warehouse in eSwap where your Shopify stock levels will be synced. You can also create a new warehouse, for your Shopify store.



Sync your Shopify prices in eSwap’s pricelists or create a new one for each price.



On this step, you need to choose the default warehouse where all of your Shopify orders will be shipped and synced from, and from which price list incoming orders will be synced.



On this step, we ask you to import all your data and automatically sync matching products or you can manually import them later from My Apps -> Shopify page.


On the top, you can see a progress bar that will show what we are syncing. You can do other processes until your WooCommerce channel will be fully integrated. We’ll email you and notify you in the notification section as well.



That’s all now your installation is complete!

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