Create your first order

To create your first order you need to go to Orders -> Sale Orders and click on Add New button.

Here you will see the fields that you need to fill before creating a new order. Most of them are auto-filled, you can change them if you need them.

You’ll see the following fields on the order page.


Company – this is your company

Warehouse – The warehouse where stocks will be reduced

Tax-inclusive or Tax-exclusive – the taxes are applying to products

Date created – Order creation date(by default it’s the current date)

Due Date – The date that the invoice needs to be paid

Currency – This is to filter and show existing pricelists with needed currency

Price List – Prices will apply from the selected pricelist

Customer – the order customer, after selecting a customer on the right side will be displayed all customers data

Assigned to – If you have sub-users you can assign orders to the user and it’ll be visible to that user.




Now you need to select products. Click on Add New Product input and search needed product. After choosing a product you can see the following information about the product.


  • Product name
  • QTY
  • Available Qty
  • Discount
  • Tax
  • Price
  • Total


After adding a product you can save orders as a quotation or create an order.




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