Re-ordering Rules in eSwap

eSwap has an option to remind you that you’re getting low in inventory.

You can set re-order rules for each product.


  1. Go To Products page click on the product you want to set re-order rule.
  2. On the top, you can see the Reorder Rules tab, click on it.
  3. Here you can see if you have any created reorder rules for this product. You can edit or add a new one.
  4. To create a new reorder rule click on the Create Reorder Rule button.


Here you’ll see the following fields.


  • Name – Give a name to your rule
  • Warehouse –  Warehouse where will the stock updated after creating a Purchase order
  • Company – Company which should be added in the Purchase order
  • Price List – Price list to get cost price for the product.
  • Vendor – the vendor you’ll buy the product.
  • Currency – Currency of pricelist
  • Cost Price – Cost price for a product after choosing the product, if it’s 0 you can add a price manually.
  • Minimum Stock  Quantity- the minimum quantity available to create a Purchase order.
  • Reorder Quantity – the Qty which you need to Purchase.
  • Automatically create a Purchase order without confirmation – If you check this we’ll create a purchase order without asking. If this option is unchecked we’ll inform you that the product has reached its min stock.



When you create a Sales order or manually adjust the product stock we’ll create a new Purchase order with the information you’ve added in the Reorder rule.

To see all Reorder rules navigate to Stocks -> Reorders.


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