Step-by-Step Guide List products to eBay

To list your products from eSwap to eBay you need to go to Inventory -> Products -> Listings -> Not Listed and choose your eBay store from Products Ready to List on select box. Now you can see all products which you have in your eSwap but they don’t exist in your eSwap channel.


Now you need to create an eBay listing profile in eSwap to list your products. To do that just click on the plus button.

Fill all required data and tap on Create Profile button. Now you can list your products one by one or check multiple products and do a bulk listing.



Now click on the publish products button. You are done, we’ll do listing in background mode and notify you after finishing. If your products are not listed you can check the reason in eSwap and try again. To do that just click on the flashing icon on the top of your dashboard.



Here you can see all notices and errors which were during any action(product listing, importing and etc.).

If everything is okay you’ll get a notification about successfully listing.

We have another way to list your product to eBay. Just click on the product navigate to the Sales channels tab, choose or create eBay listing, and tap on Publish to eBay button.




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