What we Sync to Shipstation

After connecting Shipstation to eSwap we sync orders to Shipstation with the following sequence.

  • All finalized orders in eSwpap we sync to Shipstation as Awaiting payment



  • All paid orders will be synced as Awaiting Shipment in Shipstation.



  • All Fulfilled orders will be synced as Shipped in Shipstation.

When you fulfill orders in Shipstation it will be automatically changed in eSwap as well.

On every status change in eSwap we’ll automatically change order status in Shipstation. If the order is finalized and we pay it in eSwap we change the order status to Awaiting Shipment in Shipstation, then if we fulfill the order in eSwap it will be changed to Shipped in Shipstation and vice versa if the order is Shipped in Shipstation it’ll be changed to Fulfilled in eSwap.

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