Manage stock levels, customer contacts, products with variants, images and descriptions and order fulfillment on your WooCommerce store.

Sync Your Woocommerce Inventory

Add, filter, edit and even transfer products or variants you want to publish on WooCommerce. You'll never oversell and you'll keep inventory 100% accurate across every WooCommerce store, sales channel and marketplace in real-time

Manage sales orders

Connect your WooCommerce site and we'll automatically sync your orders. Every new order arrives at two places at the same time both on Shopify and on eSwap. Any change in order status is automatically updated.
Save time and never miss an order again.


Get synced data

See real-time updates about your customers, products, and orders on both eSwap and integrated WooCommerce store. Just a few seconds to get all that is necessary.

WooCommerce Inventory Management Software

Sync your wooCommerce inventory across all your eCommerce stores, different marketplaces, and warehouses. Make a sale anywhere and eSwap instantly updates stock levels everywhere. Inside our platform you can:

  • Control how much stock is left in your different channels
  • Get reports of how much you have sold in specific channels
  • Have multiple warehouses and keep inventory synced
  • Add new products and list them in all other channels with few clicks

WooCommerce Order Management

Get all your orders into one easy-to-use platform. View, update, pick, pack and take full control of your order management process.

  • Partially invoice, pack, pay and ship your sales orders.
  •  Bulk action on orders.
  • Immediate order and shipment updates for your and your customers

One Click wooCommerce shipping

Ship all orders from WooCommerce or other sales channel with few clicks. We provide logistics services integrating with Shipstation. eSwap ensures your orders safe and quick delivery. Never worry about late shipment.

And a few more features...

Take care of your accounting

Synchronize your sale orders and purchase orders from wooCommerce and all other different channels with your accounting software.

Easy price management

Update the pricing in any of your listings and get that updates on your wooCommerce accounting in real time without login into wooCommerce.

Inventory control in a new- very easy way

Cloud-based inventory management software eSwap allows you to optimize your Shopify inventory run. Simple but productive.