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Automated shipping processes

Manage your orders with Royal mail and get rid of boring shipping tasks. Fastest tracking with a high-quality automation system.

Sinced data

All your orders are imported directly into Royal Mail. Take care of your data and eliminate the risk of errors.

Save time and money

Optimize your picking processes and ship your orders from one panel

Accurate calculation of your delivery

eSwap has a special free tool Royal Mail UK Domestic Standard Post Calculator for calculating the costs of 1st and 2nd Class Domestic Standard Services. You just need to fill in the weight of your item, type of it, and whether you want to send it the 1st or 2nd class mail. Track with Royal Mail fast and simple.

Stay up-to-date

eSwap-Royal Mail integration empowers sellers with real-time insights. Accurate analytics reduce the risk of any data lost in the shuffle. Moreover, in-depth reporting is vital to boost efficiency in decision-making processes.

Paperless shipping processes in any part of the world

Paperless shipping processes in any part of the world

Scheduled pickups

Accurately schedule pickups and save your time

Automated invoices

Automatically create and send invoices

And a few more features

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