eCommerce Integrations: Inventory Management Benefits

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eCommerce integrations available in a proper inventory management software solution help the retailers arrange their stock in due time. It becomes possible with multiple integrations helping you with the accounting, sales management, CRM, marketing, shipping, etc.

eCommerce Integrations


In recent years, eCommerce sales growth made businesses think about each minor detail of their business. The latter refers primarily to the SaaS software solutions helping businesses with inventory management issues.


The purpose of available eCommerce integrations in one platform like eSwap is to save more time. Once the users are registered, they won’t need to go for manual updates for their marketing, accounting or other purposes.


The eCommerce integrations help to maintain the coordination between your business site and an inventory ERP system. As long as the process is bidirectional, the flow of the information between two systems becomes seamless, and the users enter their data only once.


Let’s now discuss the top benefits of using SaaS software integrations from one platform.


eCommerce Integrations: Definition

Nowadays the eCommerce retailers face multiple challenges, including the management of stock in high volumes. In addition, there are many other reasons the use of 3rd party integrations become necessary. It may concern the inventory overstocking or understocking problems, issues with the deadstock or obsolete stock, etc. 


The eCommerce integrations help maintain the coordinations between your business site and an inventory ERP system. However, the process is bidirectional. As a result, the flow of the information between two systems becomes seamless, and the users enter their data only once.


Cutting Short the Manual Updates


The use of AI-enhanced technologies allows having seamless data entry without losing time. It refers to eliminating the time spent on manual or duplicate data. Once the sellers start dealing with multichannel sales the manual updates will no longer be enough. Imagine going to your Shopify, Magento, Amazon stores to make manual updates one by one. That kind of process is more likely to be full of errors and human interaction. 


eCommerce specialised inventory management solutions on the contrary help organizing the multichannel sales performance without giving you a hard time.  


Data Accuracy


Once you start using your preferred eCommerce platform the chances to fall out of accuracy are eliminated. Using software integrations like Xero and Quickbooks will take care of the accounting issues.


Integrated shipping carriers like FedEx, ShipStation, UPS, USPS,  Royal Mail take care of the shipping and delivery management. In addition to data accuracy, the users receive real-time stock updates and tracking info about the stock’s current location. 


Automated System Management


Once the eCommerce retailers deal with omnichannel sales, they start valuing the importance of Automation. Automation helps save a lot of time along with providing higher accuracy.


Both the internal and external productivity of your become evident as a result of using automated systems. It’s all due to the elimination of human involvement in most of the repetitive operations.

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Inventory, Order & Shipping Management Software



Automation is also about the synchronization of the data all across your eCommerce sales channels. It refers to all the aspects of business operations, starting from the payments to logistics.


The benefits of Automation are multiple, including the reduced labour costs in general and instant access to your data per each sales transaction. The latter is characteristic of all cloud-based systems.


Post-purchase Service & Management


Due to eCommerce integrations, inventory management becomes an easily accessible process. Even though the retailers mostly concentrate on purchase order management, order returns are also common. Here is why customer service, CRM and anything related to customer satisfaction starts playing their role. Dealing with the  RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) or order returns due to the integrated CRM systems can be handled easily.


You can quickly and efficiently solve those issues within minutes, get notifications about order returns. It goes without saying that the general access of your data all from one platform will have a positive impact on your productivity. 

ecommerce integrations

Reports Accessibility


Integrated eCommerce systems enable getting everything right at your fingerprints. As a result, you get everything related to your sales performance and sales control immediately without going into the paperwork. It practically means that you get better at the control and workload efficiency.


The reporting systems, along with the speed and accuracy, is generated based on a wide range of elements all from one place. Reporting plays an important role, especially to those striving to have accurate demand forecasting data. The easily generated accurate reports help address multiple problems and give you the time to grow your sales. 


Customer Satisfaction and Trust


eCommerce integrations allow businesses to create brand loyalty and customer satisfaction. It’s all due to the tools and functions available from one dashboard. In other words, your customers get the chance to access their order history, for example, receive loyalty programs and many other on-demand services. It’s all due to the ERP, CRM integrated platforms helping to increase customer satisfaction.


That’s the way customer loyalty is built, along with trust in your brand. Integrated eCommerce platforms enable getting a personalized experience to the customers. 


In conclusion, we can assume that the eCommerce integrations available from one dashboard allow the users to perform better sales operations all from one dashboard. In addition, it’s not difficult to note that the benefits the users can enjoy complement each other.


It’s useful in multiple ways, starting from operations of multichannel sales to logistics and many more. Go ahead and discover more of the integrated systems available also in eSwap for your business with its 14 days free trial.