Benefits of eCommerce Business Automation

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Anyone doing an eCommerce business values the importance and the benefits of automation for smart inventory control and stock management. It is one of the top assets that eCommerce businesses could ask for.

benefits of automation

There are so many advantages of automation system use. It benefits both huge and small businesses. Automation solutions help to save time and reduce costs for shipping and logistics issues.


Moreover, this system helps to reduce the time spent on administration too. The human input becomes less due to the automated systems for the overall business control. It is a huge help for anyone dealing with small or daily repetitive tasks.


Let’s now discuss the overall system more in detail. We will cover up the essence of the automation solutions and the top benefits it offers.


What is eCommerce Automation?


eCommerce Automation is the use of software tools to manage different tasks related to stock control. With the automatic control systems help, the manual working process is replaced with the automated ones. The human impact, however, still exists, but at a significantly lower level.


If automation helps to manage an easy inventory control for your business, then why not apply it? Nowadays, it becomes easier with SaaS software solutions like eSwap is.


Workflow automation is a  good example to understand the essence of automation. With this feature, you can manage your order routing from A to Z.  It refers to the whole process of your stock control over multiple warehouses. The users can choose where to send their stock. It may be their eBay store or Amazon FBA warehouses. 


benefits of automation




The users can enjoy the whole automated process due to the integrations for different sales channels like Amazon, eBay, BigCommerce, Walmart, etc. This is helpful, especially for multichannel sales control. Instead of going to these multiple sales channels to do the same repetitive tasks like stock updates, order management and issuance of invoices, you can control them all from one dashboard. The whole process becomes possible with the multichannel listings feature.


How Exactly does eCommerce Automation Work?


Technological development offers the use of AI (Artificial Intelligence) to perform different tasks. The above mentioned basic tasks are performed via simple AI solutions too. It‘s a well-known fact that AI can mimic certain human actions. But it is done to a certain limited degree. 

Machine learning is another method to apply automation. It’s a method to improve AI. In addition, Machine Learning provides a more personalized experience like keyword research to find your desired product. Another example may serve the cases when customers see the product recommendations on their feed.  This is how personalization works with machine learning.


benefits of automation


Chatbots are a great example to show off the power of Machine learning in eCommerce. Anyone visiting an online store may see those little customer service chatbots. These chatbots are tools that gather information through the customer’s chat responses. They can help to answer different frequently asked questions by the customers.  


Automation Examples for eCommerce


Now you know the essence of automation in general. So we can dig into more.

Let’s find out the examples where you can use automated systems to save more on time and resources.

eswap-store eswap-store-mobile


Inventory, Order & Shipping Management Software



Automation of an Abandoned Cart Recovery


Email marketing is where the advantages of eCommerce are easy to notice. It’s a great method for lead generation, which is so important for eCommerce businesses.  You can send regular updates about your product and raise awareness for more product purchases. It’s easy to spread promotions to engage more traffic to your eCommerce store. 


Mailchimp is a great platform to serve your eCommerce email marketing. They help to remind your cart abandoners about the product they intended to buy but didn’t. There may be various reasons the customers do so, like loss of internet connection or lack of funds. No matter the reasons, you can easily send your customers proper reminders. It will help you get them back. The cart abandonment email usually contains a product link to the checkout page. There is no smarter way to remind your cart abandoners than automation. Here is one of the main benefits of automation to save time to do everything manually.


Product Review Automation


The majority of customers read product reviews. It helps them decide what to purchase. It’s not about the star ratings or high scores only. However, it’s a common thing for customers not to leave any comment or review after a purchase. It would help if you were clever enough to remind your customers to leave product reviews. 

In order to do so, you should set up a review request module. These are the types of emails your business needs the most. They help to trigger your customers when a certain amount of time has passed firstly. 


Software Automated Invoicing


As you request your customers to pay for their purchased products, you need to provide all the necessary convenience. It is impossible to process manually.  But you can prepare recurring invoices with automation within minutes. eSwap also offers QuickBooks or Xero integrations to help you manage your accounting issues and invoicing processes. With it will never leave your on-hand inventory to get out of use.


Benefits of eCommerce Automation


Customer Satisfaction


As we can see there are so many benefits of automation in eCommerce, starting from managing the orders to meeting customer satisfaction. Customers enjoy the overall automation. It allows them to purchase quickly and save time. In return, eCommerce businesses get more repeat purchases. These are the main advantages of eCommerce business automation.


Order Tracking Information Access


Order tracking is another asset. eCommerce automation enables both the customers and the businesses to know where exactly are the packages. Automation helps to access the product tracking automation within several clicks.


Consuming Time


eCommerce automation helps to save time and reduce manual human errors. Saving time or not wasting it on repetitive tasks helps the businesses to concentrate on decision-making for their growth.