Top 8 Free Ecommerce Calculators for Sellers in 2021

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Anyone running an eCommerce business values the importance of accurate calculations, in this case, the value of free eCommerce calculators. They help to monitor the costs and expenses without losing time. They also provide all the data accurately without the human impact and errors that highly influence the process. 

Free Ecommerce Calculators


With the help of this article, we offer you the best free eCommerce calculators for your business available in eSwap. Apart from it, we will help you to figure out the steps you should follow to make the calculations quickly. 


Free eBay Insertion & Final Value Fees Calculator


Anyone involved in doing an e-commerce business on eBay values the importance of calculators as there are a lot of things to estimate. eBay requires two main types of fees from the sellers to pay to make sales. These are the Insertion Fees and Final Value Fees. 


Insertion fees are required for creating product listings on eBay. On the other hand, the final value fees are required when the sellers successfully sell products on eBay. In case the sellers have an eBay store already, they receive 200 zero insertion fee listings each month.


If the sellers didn’t use the given free listings in each given month, they wouldn’t be charged for the successive insertions. However, they need to pay the eBay final selling fees for each sold item, as mentioned before. In addition to it, they should pay extra fees too if required, like printed shipping labels on eBay.


Note that the fee calculation for your eBay products sales is based on the percentage of the buyer’s total amount. Apart from it, the calculation includes any shipping and handling charges, but not the sales tax. 


As you can see the eBay seller fees require accurate calculations for proper sales management.

Due to eSwap’s eBay Insertion Fees Calculator and the free eBay Final value Fee Calculator, the process becomes much easier.


Free Listing Price Calculator for Amazon and eBay


eSwap offers users another powerful calculation tool for both Amazon and eBay sellers. However, it works well for any other marketplace also.


It helps to calculate the product prices for listing them on eCommerce sales channels.


As you know, the final listing price is the foundation for calculating the PayPal fees or eBay final selling fees. You should insert all the fixed and variable costs, and our free ecommerce calculator will generate the profit you want.


Free Ecommerce Calculators



Most of the times, the sellers who are new on eBay and Amazon fail to generate the profit they want. Besides, they need to catch up with various issues like product listing optimization, shipping costs management, customer care, etc. It goes without saying that our Free Listing Price Calculator for Amazon and eBay helps to take care of many calculations and saves time simultaneously.


Free Amazon FBA Calculator


As you know, there are two methods for order fulfilment on Amazon- these are the Amazon FBA and Amazon FBM services. As referred to Amazon Seller Fees, there are three main categories:


  • Referral fees 
  • Variable Closing Fees
  • Refund Administration Fee


The referral fees differ from category to category. Note that they are charged directly for selling on Amazon. These fees are considered as a type of commission fees for selling products each time on Amazon. The referral fees are about 15% or less, but they can vary from 45% to 96% for different categories like Books, Collectibles, Fine Art, etc.


The variable fees note that these include books, music, videos, DVDs, consoles, video games, and software. And anyone selling lower than 40 items per month, Amazon offers the individual fee options too.

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Inventory, Order & Shipping Management Software



Free Ecommerce Calculators


As you can conclude, there are a lot of fees on Amazon. Here is why our software offers the Amazon FBA users the valuable free Amazon fulfilment fee calculator. No matter if you are an FBA user or not, you can use our Amazon FBA fee calculator for free. This calculator becomes even more valuable when the seller decides to enlarge the number of items on sale and can’t figure out the numbers.


Amazon Fee & Profit Calculator


eSwap offers users a lot of calculators, especially for Amazon based sellers. Our Amazon FBA profit calculator replenishes the list. The Amazon seller profit calculator enables the sellers to generate the product listing prices to make the profit the users would like to get from Amazon. Having this data in hand will support increasing the business profitability. 


It allows the sellers to calculate the best options for profitable Amazon listing prices according to their requirements. The calculations are based on different referral percentage fees that Amazon charges. 


Free Ecommerce Calculators

All you need to do is fill in certain necessary data like the cost of the item, net of the Value added tax (VAT) or the fixed markup, which you may need to add to the fixed amount of the profit. This calculator is easy to use and fills in the Amazon Seller Fees calculator list at its best.


Free Ecommerce Calculators: Royal Mail UK Domestic


Royal Mail is a famous postal service and a courier company. It has nearly 11,500 branches across the UK and specialises in providing 1st and 2nd class mail deliveries. 


With this Royal Mail Free calculator’s help, you can easily calculate the cost of the 1st and 2nd class mail deliveries. The users should insert the weight of the item, the type of the item, which is to say if it’s a large, small or medium-sized parcel and the preferred option for delivery.


Free Ecommerce Calculators: VAT Calculator


VAT which is an abbreviation standing for Value Added Tax is a type of indirect taxation system required for the goods or services which are on sale. The Vat service tax refers to all the participants of the supply chain not only the end consumers only. More than 170 countries globally use the VAT service tax system besides the USA which doesn’t charge Value added tax for products.

Our software offers another tool for eCommerce sellers- the Vat Tax Calculator, which is completely free of charge. Our calculator can help you measure both the Gross values from the Net and vice versa.

Vat Calculators


As long as the VAT rates differ in different countries we introduce the option of choosing the right option for you.


Free FBA Calculator by ASIN


Here is another calculator for the Sellers on Amazon, dedicated for the FBA users. Amazon uses the ASINs which stands for Amazon Standard Identification Number, a 10 digit numbers for each product on Amazon.

ASINs help to search products in the catalogue of products on sale.

With the help of this calculator, you can calculate your Amazon FBA profit and it’s quite easy to use from eSwap. All that you need to do is just inserting the Amazon product ASIN or URL.