10 ways to improve listings on Walmart

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Nowadays people are more inclined to buy online and it has become a widely spread phenomenon all over the world. Buyers are turning to the marketplace to choose the best variant to buy from. That’s why when choosing between starting an online shop or store, the preference is done to an online shop. Generally, marketplaces have many advantages and features for retailers. But how to choose the best one for you?  To help you today, we are going to speak about one of the well-known marketplace-Walmart and the ways to improve listings for Walmart.

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Why Walmart?


Walmart is one of the unique and profitable platforms in the world of eCommerce in 2000. It’s a good one for large and medium-size retailers to increase their business.

Walmart, like Amazon and eBay, offers a vast selection of products and brands by working with third-party sellers. For every seller, the main goal in business is to attract as many customers as possible to increase sales.

Promoting your products on Walmart is a way to popularize your brand and get profit on a daily basis.

But remember, each marketplace has its rules and search algorithms. To be on the top and beat the competition, you should improve listings on Walmart first of all.

Consequently, it is worth it for Walmart sellers to know several selling strategies that will improve your product listings.


10 ways to improve your listing on Walmart



Product title


Walmart gives its sellers a fantastic opportunity to optimize your listings, particularly for Walmart.

Let’s see the main Do’s and Don’ts to be ahead of the game:

  • Choose a unique product name 
  • For the best results use 50-75 characters
  • Keep the word order: Brand + Size + Quality + Name + Style + Pack Count
  • Sometimes the color can be also included ( not preferable) in the title
  • Avoid using characters like @, #, *, etc.
  • Don’t use referencing other marketplaces like “Top sold on eBay”


Product Images


Use high-quality and professional images. Ideal requirements for images:

  • The Size must me 2000 x 2000 pixels at 300 PPI
  • As a primary image choose the one from the front view
  • The background should be white 
  • Upload at least 4 images for each product 
  • Avoid using placeholder images
  • Do not use offensive or obscene photos


Shelf description


This field allows you to highlight the main advantages of your products. 

  • Describe your products in bullet points
  • Use many keywords but avoid stuffing
  • Use informative content


Short Description


In this field, you should write a description enriched with keywords. 


  • Use at least 500 characters, but not more than 1,000 characters
  • Be clear and unique
  • Include words are likely to be searched such as Product Name, Brand, product’s main features 



Long description


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Inventory, Order & Shipping Management Software


This field is the most informative and long part of Walmart. Here you can write more detailed information including facts and benefits. 

  • Walmart offers to write as long as possible! Use at least 1,000 characters 
  • Describe all the features and benefits as the product has
  • Again and again, be unique and avoid using descriptions from other brands
  • Be catchy in your writing. 
  • Be informative


walmart marketplaace





Pricing is a vital part of improving your listings. Customers are inclined to buy products with more competitive pricing. To get more customers you should:


  • Be competitive in pricing
  •  Have stocks on-hand
  • Offer free or low fee shipping 
  • Make on-time deliveries


Customer Service


It’s proven that the main guarantee for a successful business is happy and satisfied customers. By providing fast and high-quality customer service you boost your reputation. It may also be one of the best differentiators for your brand. According to researches, most brands and companies fail not only because of low-quality products or services but also poor customer service experience. 


Customers feedback


Continuing the previous point, customers’ feedback is also an essential part of your Walmart Marketplace listing. Follow these tips to Get many positive feedbacks on Walmart following the tips below:

  • Be responsible to answer customer emails on time
  • Keep a good relationship with your customers
  • Provide accurate tracking information
  • Deliver products on time or earlier than stated
  • Optimize your Walmart SEO and product listing


Product attributes


Product attributes allow you to better describe your products and help buyers to get the best research results. On Walmart, the left part of the menu is dedicated to product attributes. Walmart allows you to describe your products by choosing from 24 product categories. 

Some tips to do improve product attributes:

  • Try to write the most appropriate attributes to increase the product ranking 
  • Do not use the category “other” to improve your product visibility
  • Be accurate in writing product details to be on the first page of searches

You can simply search your product on Walmart to see what attributes appear in that field.



Just be professional


We know how important it is to be professional in whatever you do. Just the same is the case in marketplaces. Successful product listings begin with making professional content to stand out from the competition. If you want to be on top you should sound professional to make customers believe you are reliable and the right choice to buy from.


Your products’ organic ranking is connected to the way it is described and presented. Thus optimize listings for Walmart to increase product visibility and be sure potential customers find your products across others.


At eSwap, we have developed an all-in-one eCommerce solution that empowers you to grow your sales with Walmart across many other powerful channels and marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Wayfair, Shopify, BigCommerce, and more. 

Be free to write to us in case of any questions on Walmart.