Track results with Analytics & Reporting feature

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  • How much were your gross and net sales over the recent month?
  • Are you satisfied with the profit margin of the previous three months?
  • How are certain SKUs performing compared to others?
  • Which channel performs the best based on total sales, returns and profit?


Analytics and reporting

At eSwap, we provide you with advanced features that can help you answer the above and many other questions regarding your eCommerce business performance. Forget about time-consuming calculations at the end of each month for measuring the results of your business strategies. 


Our Analytics & Reporting feature generates instant reports for you anytime you need it!

Analytics and Reporting

What can you have with Analytics & Reporting feature?


You can have a separate dashboard with all the essential metrics visually illustrated. There you can keep track of the performance of your business across different channels, countries, customers, and warehouses. 

eSwap analytics and reporting

Besides, you can access detailed reports of your inventory and sales, which are broken down by the essential categories you need. 


What can you have with Detailed Inventory Reports


  • Inventory stock on hand
  • Inventory details
  • Historic inventory
  • Report by location
  • Incoming stock
  • Stock movement 


What can you track with Detailed Sales Reports


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Inventory, Order & Shipping Management Software

  • Sales History
  • Sales by time period
  • Sales by product
  • Sales by customer
  • Invoice history
  • Shipped items


Get insights with Detailed Purchases Reports


  • PO history
  • PO by vendor
  • PO by product
  • Reorder report


Check eSwap’s Detailed Return Reports


  • Return history
  • Return by product
  • Return by customer
  • Return by country


As you often need to communicate your results to partners or other external sources, you can quickly send the ready report to your chosen email address right within the tool. eSwap will organize them in a presentable way. 


Do you want to send regular updates to your main stakeholders? 


Use the scheduling feature and automatically share the reports once they are ready. 

Schedule reporting