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Easy Shipping

Shipping has never been as easier as today. Fill forms and create shipments automatically within a few minutes.

Simplified order processes

Print and send labels and packing slips for all orders with one click with DPD tracking

Data sync

Not only orders but all data are automatically updated. So your customers will always be informed of the delivery status.

eSwap-DPD Integration

Connect all your stores and track and manage your orders with DPD integration. Optimize shipping processes and save time and reduce money wasted. Meet customer needs and deliver a new shopping experience.

DPD tracking

Automated Fulfilment Workflow

DPD enables you to pick, pack and ship tons of products in a shorter time without errors. Moreover, get real-time insights into order statuses and stay up to date and avoid losing sales.
fulfilment dpd

Scheduled pickups

Enjoy the flexibility of fast and easy pickup scheduling

Easy Label printing

High-quality label printing for businesses of all sizes

Fulfillment in bulk

Incredibly fast and effective way to fulfil orders in bulk

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