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Ship orders to and from FBA locations

Save time and effort. Send sales orders automatically from different channels to be shipped by FBA.

Keep control over your warehouses

Connect Amazon FBA account with eSwap. It will optimize all the processes for you and help you to store your products in fulfilment centres.

Real-time stock update

Get automatically synced inventory across all your channels.

Strong integration with FBA

eSwap gives you an opportunity to store your inventory using Amazon FBA warehouses. As soon as you enable, we at once import it. When orders are shipped inventory automatically reduces. In case any problems occur we will inform you.

Updated order statuses

You can view the workflow process whenever you want with the help of our platform. All changes in order status are instantly updated on Amazon FBA too. While making a purchase order if you selected the product that is from Amazon FBA we’ll also add there when its stocks are received. So, you can follow the order from end to end.
Orders placed through Amazon does support these statuses:
  • Payment complete- buyer already has paid for the order.
  • Pending at least one of the products from the order is still pending shipment.

Shipping with Amazon FBA

Integration with Amazon FBA allows you to ship orders from other channels. A very good way to save your time.

A lot of time on your hands

You don’t need to spend hours on managing stores, orders, shipping and accounting issues any more. One platform is enough to do all.

Instantly synced data

Avoid overselling by receiving updates about your Amazon orders. Less time, more information.

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