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Inventory run

You can manage your orders, link your listings, control your inventory and a lot more. Add, filter, edit, even transfer products from one store to another such as WooCommerce. As a result, you will have much saved time.

Sales control

This hard work has never been so easy. Coordinate your orders at all stages from the creation moment to the end. Every new order arrives at two places at the same time both on Shopify and on eSwap. Any change in order status is automatically updated. In other words, start with the order and successfully reach the destination.

Data sync

We synchronize all your products, orders and customers. In addition, every update (stock, qty, SKU, image etc.) on eSwap immediately will appear on Shopify. Just imagine all data collected and blended in a single principal platform. And you just have to enjoy it.

Reliable Shipping

Surely everyone knows the importance of successful shipping. We offer logistics services that take you a short time to handle. There is no necessity to worry about late shipments. Also, accomplish Shopify orders through Amazon FBA.  30+ shipping carriers DHL, DPD, USPS among them all shipping details synced freight automatically updated info and many more In short, arrive at the final destination (note they are unlimited) without any problems or difficulties.

Your guide to make better decisions

You definitely need to know more about your Shopify sales, visitors, buyers, top customers, refunds, cancels and not only. eSwap inventory control software also helps you in analysing and reporting issues. Our platform enables you to receive precise reports any time you need. Get answers to your questions. Most importantly all you can do in actual time.

Your Shopify sales increase

Your business is more successful when it’s run effectively. The results will show.

Instantly synced data

Avoid overselling by receiving updates about your Shopify orders. Less time, more information.

Work efficiency added in 30%

Good management software is what you need to help you raise productivity. The best key to success.

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