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Simplified listings

eSwap automatically uploads your Wish listings. You can manage orders easier than never before, streamline sales and inventory management.

Fast Shipping

Update shipment and fulfilment details. Your customers are fond of knowing the status of their orders and track them easily.

Auto sync

Get regularly synced orders, product data that allows you to save time, and not miss important inventory updates.

How to connect Wish

Due to this integration, you can keep your stock levels always up to date and your delivery always under control.  
  • Good customer support
  • Real-time insights
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Powerful features in one place

Selling through Wish online marketplace gives you great opportunities. You can reach millions of customers without making huge investments.   Key features of this integration:  
  • Simplified product listing
  • Bulk uploading
  • Real-time inventory updates
  • Customer support

And a few more features

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