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All contacts in one place

Add all your customers to a MailChimp list and easily manage your email workflows. Add and update your contact list.

Create and send beautiful emails

Create and send emails from the existing email list. Keep your customers in the know every time and everywhere.

Automated sync of all contacts

As you have linked eSwap to your Mailchimp account, all your contacts will be automatically synced. No need to manually add any contact.

eSwap-Mailchimp integration

Key features of Mailchimp integration: Drip email campaigns and send emails from one dashboard Personalize and send emails at the correct time zone Create your own email designs Send automated followups
Mailchimp integration with inventory management software

Automated emailing

Never worry for sending emails to thousands of customers. MailChimp makes it fun to send customized emails. Wherever you are whatever you want MailChimp is a great tool to help you send better email.

Save more time

Sending automated emails to your new customers or subscribers without much effort

A/B testing

Choose which topic you should use for your email or what form of call-to-action buttons to put

Your first campaign

Pick a campaign type best matching your marketing goals and run it with high efficiency

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