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Simply upload hundreds or thousands of products in bulk on the Houzz marketplace. This saves a lot of time and minimizes errors

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eSwap will help you to keep track of all orders and send/get notifications as the order status is changed

Inventory sync

Get real-time synced inventory, price and any other product data instantly within seconds across all channels

eSwap-Houzz multichannel integration

Houzz store is a leading marketplace in the U.S.  offering architecture, interior design and decoration, landscape design, furniture and home improvement. Considering the benefits of Houzz integration eSwap gives the opportunity to use this powerful integration for high-effective selling. Once integrated,  all your products and data will be automatically synced and ready to bring revenue.  

Shipment Automation

eSwap-Houzz integration allows automating the shipping process, picking orders faster and making on-time deliveries. This means an ability to decrease the risk of errors and increase efficiency.

Category Mapping

Use category mapping to list products in the correct categories


Set up and send automatic notifications.

Bulk Upload

High flexibility of bulk actions to save time and avoid errors

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