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Automated shipping tasks

Automate your shipping processes and forget about repetitive daily shipping tasks. Manage your orders from any channel,

Save time and money

Print and send FedEx labels and customer invoices for all destinations from within one dashboard

Tracking updates

Any data, any information is automatically updated across all the channels you have. Say good-bye to manual updating.

Powerful Shipping management

This integration allows you:  
  • Minimize data entry errors
  • Simplify tasks like order processing, shipping label printing
  • Cut shipping costs by leveraging full shipment cost
  • Directly link certain tracking numbers to the related orders, invoices, and customer account records

Drive more customers

FedEx shipping integration benefits:  
  • Provide real-time information to the customers
  • Provide instant tracking information
  • Give your customers personal delivery experience

International shipping

Manage your shipping processes from local to global

Contract logistics

Optimize your supply chain, warehousing and return management


Reach your goals by creating a customized plan of services and technology tools

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